Cancun is the Most Popular Place to Buy a Vacation Home in Mexico

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Cancun is the hottest city to have a vacation home—not just in the Riviera Maya, but in all of Mexico.

As Mexico’s most popular tourist destination, it should come as no surprise that Cancun now accounts for almost half of the short-term rental market in the country, even surpassing other popular Mexican resort cities, including Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán and Los Cabos.

As reported by the Mexican media group SIPSE, Cancun now leads the sale of vacation homes in Mexico with 5,682 units sold, which totals ~$1.429 million USD of investment, just over the past year.

In total, 44.8% of 12,657 apartments and houses in Mexico were bought by foreigners in Cancun, largely from the United States.

Gabriela Cano, commercial and business development director of Softec, a Mexican consultancy, noted at the 2022 Cancun Investment Summit forum that $260 million is generated in foreign exchange for every 1,000 units sold. This, in turn, helps boost Quintana Roo’s economy, while also ensuring a guaranteed profit for owners when they are looking to sell their vacation homes.

“The vacation-type sector is the largest multiplier of employment, since for every 1,000 vacation homes around 23K high-value jobs are generated, hence the importance of the segment,” says Cano.

Following Cancun, the most vacation homes can be found in Vallarta, which ranked second with just 1,644 residences sold, and Mazatlán with 1,583 sales, while Tijuana obtained 1,127 residences sold. The total number of vacation homes accumulated across all three of these locations is only 4,354 properties altogether, clearly showing that Cancun is the most popular place to buy a vacation home.

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