Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art Announces New Addition

In Cancún, Play by Suzanne Koch

Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) recently submerged another piece of fascinating artwork by Elier Amado Gil, the current resident artist of MUSA who has already created two other sculptures for the museum. The latest piece is titled Vestigios and according to Amado Gil, the pieces “evoke the future” by showcasing humanity’s ecological footprint and our impact as humans on the world. The exhibit is composed of three sunken relief artwork pieces and is intended to resemble fossils attempting to preserve and immortalize the past in stone. The sculpture itself features the bodies of a woman, man and baby, representing an organic testimony of human history. They also offer the alternative of generating life, movement and color to the underwater ecosystem of the Mexican Caribbean.


The pieces were submerged on August 30 and the latest artwork will be placed in the new gallery exhibition at arrecife Punta Sam. The three sculptures join a collection of underwater galleries of more than 500 statues all made with materials that are safe for marine life and encourage the formation of artificial reefs. Vestigios will join Amado Gil’s other two underwater creations, El Entendimiento and Bendiciones (featured photo).

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