Celebrate World Sea Turtle Day at Panama Jack Cancun

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By Chloe McAllaster

As anyone who’s ever gone snorkeling on vacation can attest, swimming beside a sea turtle is often the most exciting highlight of such excursions. Recent activism regarding the state of the world’s oceans has made these very same turtles the unofficial mascot of marine ecosystem preservation. While many advocates push for a reduction in personal plastic use, the tourism industry may also have an important role to play in conservation efforts.

Each year as visitors flock to the white sand of Mexico’s Quintana Roo, thousands of sea turtles are hatched on the same beaches, taking their first steps toward the mesmerizing blue water. Some resorts, including green-certified Panama Jack Cancun, have made the livelihood of these sea turtles a priority by organizing conservation efforts that resort guests can participate in. In honor of World Sea Turtle Day on June 16, the resort has launched a new Sea Turtle Package starting at $299 per night to inspire awareness among tourists.

With each purchase made, Panama Jack will donate to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation nonprofit. The package also includes a number of themed amenities, including a locally-made sea turtle bracelet and t-shirt, as well as a hands-on session to learn about the resort’s sea turtle program.

Aside from the package, Panama Jack is committed to forming an annual Turtle Protection Committee that organizes beach clean-ups. The resort’s programs have helped create a healthy environment for turtle nesting, leading to over 10,000 hatched eggs per season. Younger guests can experience field trips to the nests with Camp Jack Kids’ Club, and the whole family is invited to watch the sunset turtle hatching and release.

Conservation efforts at Panama Jack Cancun represent a broader trend toward responsible tourism, whereby resorts not only acknowledge the environmental impact of their operations, but actively strive to involve guests in preserving the natural wonders that attract visitors.

For more information, visit: https://panamajackresorts.com/cancun

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