Speck Travel: The Newest Line of Chic Luggage

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You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to know what a difference a smartly designed — or poorly designed — piece of luggage can do for you. Designed with the “bleisure” (business-leisure) traveler in mind, Speck Travel is changing the way you pack and go.

While your phone or laptop may already be protected by a Speck product, its new brand will protect your sanity when on the road. Introducing an initial lineup of five products that caters to any kind of business trip, from an overnight getaway to an extended stay, the brand’s bags encourage exploration in between meetings and presentations.

We had the chance to try out the 22-inch carry-on during a recent getaway to Las Vegas. At first sight, the bag looked smaller than my normal carry-on but I was quickly proven wrong after opening it up. Both sides of the hard-shell — but surprisingly light — bag offer an equally deep space, with the top side featuring a zippered cover so your goods stay put. This side is easily the best spot for shoes, zipped away so they don’t dirty up your clothes.

And speaking of zippers and pockets, there’s more than enough to go around. A three-pocket mesh divider is perfect for random items like chargers and socks, plus it buckles down over the large open side so you can open your bag while its upright without anything falling out. Ever tried to change in an airport bathroom? Exactly. There’s even a built-in detachable laundry bag that folds up out-of-sight when not in use and beats any plastic bag you’ll find in a hotel room.

The bag also came with a collection of smaller bags great for toiletries, makeup and other loose items. And while you hopefully don’t have to ever run through an airport, the 360 shock-dampening double spin wheels, easy glide retractable handles and an integrated TSA lock to keep stuff safe, makes it totally doable — and stylish.

The full lineup of products includes the 22-inch Carry-On ($200), 26-inch Upright ($225), 29-inch Upright ($250), Business Backpack ($100) and Travel Backpack ($150). All bags come in Concrete Grey, Black and Macaw Blue while the three suitcases also come in Hyacinth Pink.

For more information or to shop the line, visit: specktravel.com

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