Top 5 Waterfalls to Visit in Chiapas

In Chiapas by Christina Silvestri

Head down to Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state, and you’ll find a breathtaking landscape decorated with mountains, lakes, rivers and national parks. Bordering Guatemala to the southeast and the Pacific coastline to the southwest, Chiapas is a fantastic place for outdoor exploring and adventure. The area is particularly known for its natural waterfalls, or cascadas. Here are five must-visit waterfalls to see in Chiapas.

1. Cascadas El Chiflón

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Cascadas El Chiflón is arguably the most popular waterfall in Chiapas, and for good reason. There are a grand total of five waterfalls located within the area alone. Walk about a half mile on the picturesque trail to capture impressive views of all five cascadas, including the crème de la crème waterfall at the top called Velo de Novia (Bride’s Veil), where the pounding water cascades almost 400 feet down into sparkling pools. For the adventure inclined, it’s also possible to zip-line across the San Vicente River.

2. Agua Azul

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Spanish for “blue water,” this cascada is exactly that: a crystal clear waterfall of the most stunning turquoise hue. Find the Agua Azul cascada north of Chiapas, near the central town of Palenque.

3. Misol Há

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If height and big splashes are what you’re after, then Misol Há will not disappoint. Located near the Palenque ruins and the Agua Azul waterfall, Misol Há features one single waterfall that cascades 115 feet into a swimmable pool below that’s surrounded by tropical vegetation.

4. Las Nubes

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Discover this breathtaking waterfall in one of the most untouched and remote areas of Chiapas that’s located on the edge of the lush Lacandon Jungle. Stay at the onsite ecolodge and ecotourism center to fully enjoy the massive scale of the rushing Rio Santo Domingo and the beautiful surrounding scenery.

5. El Chorreadero

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Explore El Chorreadero, a waterfall that emerges from the depths of a cave. Swim or take a tour through the cavernous 2.5 mile underground canyon.

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