3 Reasons to Live the Spontaneous Life

In Dine, Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Drop the plan and branch out in sunny Mexico where impulsive living is as easy as getting a tan. Here’s three reasons to get you thinking less and doing more.

1. Discover new loves

You won’t know until you try it. We’ve heard it a thousand times but it couldn’t be more true. Sometimes new obsessions come from fleeting brave moments of stretching our wings and trying something new. Comfort zones are comfortable, but they can always be a little roomier.

2. Zero thinking effort

The average person makes thousands and thousands of decisions each day—and we wonder why we’re stressed. Even the fun decisions, like whether to buy it in brown or black, or whether to order tequila or rum (tequila, obviously!), can drain our brain energy. Spontaneous living frees up our mind, if even for a second, to let whatever will be to be.

3. No room for disappointment

While planning is not always a “bad” idea, it can sometimes lead us to a different outcome with a disappointing feeling. No expectations allow us to enjoy the moment for what it is and not worry about what could have been.

With all that spontaneous inspiration rolling around in your head, where do you start? Food can be one of the easiest, yet most exciting avenues of spontaneity and a perfect place to dive into the unknown. Trying things you’ve never heard of can be a tasty adventure for even the most cautious person. One Cabo hotspot specializing in living (or dining) on the edge is El Espontaneo. Executive Chef Juan Eumir spends each day ignoring a set collection of recipes and instead cooks up dishes based on readily available ingredients. Chef Juan uses his years of experience and skills to create mouth-watering meals on the spot, and trust us they’re delicious. Located in Hotel El Encanto Inn & Suites, El Espontaneo has become a popular dining destination for celebrities and travelers looking for an impromptu meal that never fails to satisfy. Next time you’re in Cabo (whether on a planned trip or a spontaneous one), make sure to swing by and start living spontaneously.

For more information, visit: lespontaneo.com

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