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In Los Cabos, Stay by Jennifer Dunkin

Having your children travel with you is one of the best parts of vacation. Watching them experience walking on sand for the first time, playing in the crashing waves, and reacting to a new culture are some of the most precious moments in life. However, busy parents always deserve at least one night off during vacation to discover the romance and peaceful bliss of Los Cabos.

Baja Babysitting is an English speaking child care service available to Cabo vacationers year round. The company started out five years ago when two girls moved to Cabo and started a small babysitting company specialized for English speaking travelers. Their first motto was to never decline a job and always be prepared for whatever was to come, and since then have stuck to these principles. Last year, the company was sold to Diana Oropeza who has dreamed of working with children her entire life.

Although there are a number of childcare companies in Los Cabos, Baja Babysitting continues to improve themselves and higher their standards every day. They don’t worry about the competition, they simply worry about bettering themselves and it shows. Their extremely qualified staff is made up of women who adore children, and have friendly smiles to show for it every minute of every shift. They stay active with the children they are caring for, taking them to the beach or pool, playing sports in the sand, and making sure that they are having another fun day on vacation.

Baja Babysitting always goes the extra mile. If it is your family’s first time with a babysitter, she will show up 15 minutes early so that the entire family can get to know her. Notes are left at the end of the shift describing every activity that was done, everything the children ate, and any other important information there is to know.

Diana is still extremely involved with her staff at Baja Babysitting and their clients. As the owner of the company she still personally takes on babysitting jobs regularly. “I adore kids and they make me a better person,” she says. Her long term goals include continuing to be the number one babysitting company in Cabo and also expanding into other parts of Baja California Sur, other parts of Mexico, and possibly other countries.

“We love the idea of different cultures working together with one thing in common which is the love of childcare,” Diana says.

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