How to Experience Cabo Like a Fashion Designer

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So you want to vacation where the celebrities do — who doesn’t? It’s not hard to find out where some of Hollywood’s most elite like to jet off too, but what about once they get there; what do they enjoy doing? What would they recommend to you? Thanks to Rosewood Hotels, the brand has a select group of curators for an assortment of Rosewood properties around the globe where they share their insider tips, tricks and secrets. The brand named James Perse as the curator for Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort, the luxury Los Cabos resort that serves as one of Perse’s favorite locales to vacation at. As a Los Angeles-based fashion designer for his namesake label, it’s no surprise that  Perse needs to escape every now and then.

“As much as L.A. always has been and always will be the place I call home, we all need to escape from time to time. For an antidote to city life, I fill my days with surf and sand in Los Cabos,” says Perse.

Keep reading for some of his tips and advice when vacationing to Los Cabos. For the full interview by Rosewood Hotels, click here.

Favorite day trip in the area: I’m usually one for lounging at the resort all day, but if I need a change of scenery, I head to the beaches at East Cape in Los Cabos. The area has this phenomenal string of these spectacular deserted beaches.

The best place to surf: Also on the East Cape is another great beach and my favorite surfing spot—Shipwrecks. Just a 40-minute drive from San José del Cabo, it’s a big sandy beach with a right reef break at the south end—perfect for surfing. Because it’s so secluded, you’ll never have to worry about crowds or competing with other surfers for the best waves.

The best place to have a first date: I’ve become a big fan of the farm-to-table movement over the last few years, and recently discovered this great place, Flora Farm. It’s a ten-acre working organic farm with an unbelievable menu featuring artisanal dishes all made from ingredients sourced directly from its fields.

Favorite way to end the day while on Mexican vacation: When I’m on vacation in Los Cabos, at the end of the day, after spending hours in the sun and surf, my go-to is the resort’s outdoor tequila, ceviche and sushi bar, where I order a spicy tuna roll and another Don Julio 1942.

Favorite place to take the kids: Dolphin Discovery has been around forever and runs a great swimming with dolphins program. It allows you to connect with the animal on such an intimate level. It’s one of the most exciting and moving experiences I’ve had. It’s also great because it’s something that everyone can do together.

Best scenic drive: Definitely East Cape. If you head northeast out of San José del Cabo, there is an unpaved road featuring one of the most beautiful drives in Los Cabos. You can’t beat the beach views!

Who do you consider to be a local icon?
Daniel—the resort manager at Las Ventanas— has this incredible way of making you feel at home. He’s sort like the mayor of Los Cabos—everyone seems to know him. He’s definitely a local icon.

Best way to spend a Sunday morning in Los Cabos: For me, the best way to spend a Sunday is to take it easy in my hotel room—with room service, of course. The chef at Las Ventanas makes the best scrambled eggs with Mexican cheese, fresh guacamole, and Pico de Gallo, with homemade corn tortillas. It goes perfectly with a glass of the resort’s delicious fresh juices.

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