Hartwood Tulum

In Los Cabos by Isabella Moreno

Lovers of salty water, sun-kissed skin and good atmosphere knows that Tulum is the place to be. It is said that Tulum is the new Hamptons so it doesn’t miss a list of exclusive spaces and encouraging new experiences with each one but it also has that indisputable style and elegance.

Hartwood Tulum has a waiting list many times of weeks (yes…!) and is the meeting place for all the the good-life lovers! You will find all kinds of characters, including inhabitants of the Riviera Maya and surprising visitors from all parts of the world. The young Chef Eric Werner never ceases to amaze his audience with fresh and smoky food.

The specialty of this magnificent space is the environment that has been created. The awareness of the environment in which it is located is priority so every decision in the kitchen and in the design concept was based on the sustainability of space-context. The restaurant offers a menu with typical Mayan cuisine, all cooked in wood with coal, and of course it offers spectacular drinks! Not only is it the trendiest place of the the more quoted beach of Mexico, but the social commitment that Hartwood has with the communities that surround it and the life of the mangroves just makes it even more special. The great restaurant gives this step to which we must all arrive, to be aware of the space in which we find ourselves and especially to emphasize that the good life, the luxury spaces and an amazing atmosphere do not exclude a sustainability project and maximum commitment with the planet.

Do not forget to make a reservation before arriving!

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