Hit the Beach: Easy Workouts For a Fit Body

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Are you on that new fitness regime you promised yourself this year? With spring break around the corner and bikinis already hitting the clothing racks in stores, we’re in serious need of a good workout to whip us into shape for the upcoming summer months. And what better place to tone up than the best spot for showing off your new bikini: the beach! Read on for simple and fun beach workouts to transform your body.

Beach Run

A simple run on the beach can be far more enjoyable and much more effective than a roadside run. The views, temperatures and change of scenery provide a mental break from the sometimes monotonous routine of your daily run. Not to mention the 30% more calories you can burn. Since the sand is shifting, your body works harder to get you from point A to point B and is much easier on your joints than pavement. To get the most our of your seaside run, make sure to run on an even path and not a slant as this can cause your spinal alignment to be thrown off. Don’t expect to be blazing up and down the beach; you’ll run at a slower speed but your body will thank you.

Beach Yoga

Yoga has long been associated with stress relief and an overall sense of wellbeing. In the same way, the ocean has been attributed to those same aspects. Together, they can be a lethal weapon for nixing the anxiety in your life. Whether it becomes your daily routine or a vacation treat, beach yoga is great for the soul and mind. If you’re in the Los Cabos area make sure to check out the yoga getaway at Luna y Mar at The Resort at Pedregal for an extended experience.

Surf Workouts

It’s no secret that surfers have killer bodies. Strength and balance make surfing a total body workout. We found this killer surf-inspired workout from celebrity trainer Adam Rosante who works with many pro surfers. The best part? No equipment needed, just your body! Click here for the workout.

(Photo: The Resort at Pedregal)

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