Rare Mezcal Tasting at The Resort at Pedregal

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Cabo is filled with unique and exclusive experiences, from underwater adventures to exotic culinary dishes. Among some of the most desired experiences is tequila tastings. But what about mezcal tastings? Mezcal, made from the piña of a maguey plant is particularly popular in Mexico but is also gaining popularity in other regions. The Resort at Pedregal offers a fun and tasty mezcal flight and class to introduce the tastes of mezcal to curious guests. More rare than any wine, some of these mezcals have been made from agave plants that have been growing for up to twenty-eight years. The tasting includes five different mezcals, while three of them cannot be found anywhere else in Los Cabos.

The tasting is accompanied by homemade salts and fresh fruits and is $70 per person. Read on for the five mezcals you can expect to taste.


  • 100% Agaves Silvestres
  • Agave: Ensamble: Cuishe (Mexicano), Barril (Madrecuixe) y Tobalá (Papalometl)
  • 50.4ºAlc/Vol.
  • Smoky, sweet and earthy flavors with an intense brilliance
  • Mezcal 100% Agave, Origin Denomination; Estate of Oaxaca


  • 100% Agaves Silvestres
  • Agave: Tobalá – (Papalometl)
  • 40% ºAlc/Vol
  • Thicker liquid made from a smaller agave plant that is difficult to find. Sweet floral and herbaceous flavors.
  • Mezcal 100% Agave; Origin Denomination; San Dionisio Ocotepec in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca Estate


  • 100% Agaves Silvestres
  • Agave: Arroqueño
  • 51.1ºAlc/Vol
  • Herbal, fruity, strong and intense
  • Mezcal 100% de Agave; Origin Denomination Estate of Oaxaca

Clase Azul

  • 100% Agaves Silvestres
  • Agave: Cenizo
  • 44% Alc/Vol
  • Sweet and smoky with notes of wood and chocolate
  • Mezcal 100% de Agave; Origin Denomintaion; Region Mal Pais in the Municipality of Nombre de Dios, Estate of Durango


  • 100% Agaves Silvestres
  • Agave: Tepextate
  • 47.8 Alc/Vol
  • Traditional pit-roasted, mule-drawn tahona-crushed, open fermented, double-distilled mezcal from 100% wild-harvested Agave Tepezxate harvested at 13 years of age.
  • Mezcal 100% Agave; Origin Denomination; Santa Maria Zoquitlan, Estate of Oaxaca

For more information, visit their website: www.theresortatpedregal.com

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