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In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Based out of Mexico, Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation is an organization founded by Eduardo Serio who, in September of 2013, was upset to hear of an orphaned black jaguar cub. The cub’s fate looked dismal, likely ending up in the hands of someone who planned to profit from the jaguar, by drugging it and using it for public photos. Upon hearing this, Eduardo took action and saved the jaguar, only to become the first of over 40 tigers, lions and jaguars to be saved.

The organization’s mission is “to save big cats from bad circumstances,” and looks to the public to help give these felines the best care possible. The animals are repeatedly referred to as “babies,” showing the type of treatment and care that is given to each one.

Make a one-time donation to the foundation, or become a sponsor of a specific furry friend. There are three different levels of sponsorship, with all including a photo, story, and updates. The higher leveled sponsorships allow you precious luxuries like Facetime calls with your baby and two-day visits once a year. We think this sounds like another excuse to travel to Mexico.

To read more about the foundation, make a donation, or peruse the adorable animals, visit their website at blackjaguarwhitetiger.com

Photo: blackjaguarwhitetiger.com


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