The Best in Cabo: Adventures

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Take your vacation to new thrill-seeking heights with these top adventure companies.

Wild Canyon

Los Cabos

Located in the middle of the Baja desert in the third fork of El Tule Canyon and highlighted by a 1,082-ft. long hanging wooden bridge, this world-class adventure park has every type of desert thrill you could imagine, from zip-lining on top of the canyon, riding ATVs and UTVs and camel rides through the oasis to bungee jumping from a 300-ft. high glass-floor gondola. To slow your heart rate, sail the Sea of Cortez, visit the park’s sanctuary to interact with animals or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant.

Ultimate Thrill Baja

Los Cabos

If you’re looking to experience Cabo from somewhere other than the pool then hop on board with Ultimate Thrill Baja, the heart-pumping way to check out some of Cabo’s untouched terrain. Offering custom-designed off-road experiences, Ultimate Thrill takes dusty adventures to top-notch levels with luxury transportation, personal chefs and highly-trained tour guides. We recommend booking the East Cape Adventure, a fully-immersive experience that takes riders through all of Cabo’s landscapes.

Cabo Adventures

Los Cabos

Some of Cabo Adventures’ top tours include swimming with dolphins, luxury sailing, an outdoor zip line adventure and an exciting outback and camel safari that includes a photo opportunity of a camel kiss on the beach. Visit during whale watching season (December-April) for the chance to get a peek at humpback whales. For a unique beach experience, try the electric bike beach adventure, an easy-to-learn experience that takes riders through the desert outback and up along the Pacific Coast.

This article originally appeared in the 2019 Spring/Summer issue of InMexico Magazine. Click here for the full digital version.

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