4 ‘Magical Towns’ driving distance from Mexico City

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When visiting Mexico’s Capital there are many amazing small towns full of history, architecture and gastronomy that you can’t miss. By either staying there or going back and forth to the city, these are our 8 favorite ones.

1.- San Miguel de Allende

Located just 170 miles from Mexico City in the state of Guanajuato, San Miguel received in 2008 the World Heritage Site recognition. The amazing gothic cathedral in the center of town is one of the most visited sights, also many colonial houses have become 5 star hotel boutiques like Rosewood, Matilda, and the most recent and luxurious resort: Live Aqua San Miguel. Most of the restaurants have terraces and rooftops overlooking the cathedral with great gourmet options and drinks, from local to international cuisines like Santiago y Macarena and Aperi San Miguel. Fashion and art are a constant in the city since many art galleries and concept stores offer local artists and brands for visitors to explore. Also, San Miguel is a must for wine lovers, since many vineyards have opened recently justo a few miles from the center, offering wine tasting experiences and beautiful accommodations like Cuna de Tierra, San Lucas and San Francisco

2.- Valle de Bravo

We encourage everyone to visit Valle de Bravo, but specially the adventurous and sport lovers, since this town is known for its outdoor activities around the lake and the mountains. The center has many little shops with local craftsman work and the colonial cathedral. Since it is justo an hour and a half from Mexico City, many people have their weekend houses in Valle de Bravo, Estado dew México. The town is basically sorrounded by the forest, so hiking or biking at Monte Alto (an ecological reserve) is a must do for a great work out while enjoying the amazing view to the lake. Another great activity that will for sure blow your mind is a day sailing, taking a tour at the lake and enjoying some water-skiing and kitsurfing. Finally some amazing resorts offer high end accommodations with world class spas and amenities like El Santuario and Rodavento.


3.- Tepoztlán

The colorful streets of the center offer local snacks like churros, ice cream (the most famous ice cream shop is called Tepoznieves), esquites and more, not to mention the many handcrafts that can be bought at the flea market. Every house and hotel has the privilege of overlooking the Tepozteco National Park, a hike is highly recommended since it sure makes a hard workout and the locals asure that complaining renews your energy. Anyone interested in History, should visit The Carlos Pellicer Prehispanic Art Museum, full with Mayan, Olmec and Zapotec treasures. Our favorite hotels in this town located in Morelos are Amomoxtli and Hostal de la Luz, in both resorts holistic experiences can be lived through your stay.

4.- Taxco

Know for its mineral background and silver mines, the paved streets are surrounded by mountains. The Santa Prisca Cathedral, built more than 250 years ago has an amazing baroque architecture full of gold retablos on the inside, and azulejos and quarry on the outside, the facade can be appreciated from almost every spot in the city. The local cuisine’s main dish is the pink mole we highly recommend Rosa Mexicano Restaurant, and many silver and jewelry ateliers are based in Taxco, making the perfect spot for shopping silver wear. 

Photographs: Trip Advisor.

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