CAMPOS Polanco

CAMPOS Polanco: The New Hot Spot in CDMX

In Mexico City, Stay by Regina García

All Arquitectura transformed an abandoned building from the 1940s into a luxury social house located in the best part of town and called it CAMPOS Polanco.

Situated in the heart of Campos Elíseos (one of the most exclusive streets in Mexico City), CAMPOS Polanco was created by All Arquitectura. They decided to honor the original design by restoring the facade and preserving the “pan coupé” style. For the renovation, they carefully selected materials such as brass, solid woods, stone, and incorporated many plants to create a chic yet historical space.

From the original building, twelve suites, the lobby, the library bar, and some common areas were preserved and located. Additionally, a new space for administrative and operational areas was added, all connected by the central patio and the rooftop, which offers an outstanding view of the city from CAMPOS Polanco. The design is a blend of the original Art Deco style and modern contemporary elements. Notably, the building features a spiral staircase dating back to the 1940s.

The landscape proposal for CAMPOS Polanco was created by FUNDAMENTAL, using a vegetal color palette that can be found both outside and inside the hotel. The interior design, handled by AMAS&G, also draws inspiration from the original construction while incorporating contemporary trends, including colorful furniture.

Concept Design: AvroKO

Architecture: All Arquitectura

Interior Design: AMAS&G + All Arquitectura

Decoration and Furniture: AMAS&G

Lighting Design: Circadia Estudio + All Arquitectura + Nuumbra Estudio

Landscaping: FUNDAMENTAL + All Arquitectura

Branding: Futura

Operators: Mosaic Hotel Group

Construction: All Arquitectura

Engineering Coordination: All Arquitectura

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Design and architecture come together to create an exclusive project rich in history.

All Arquitectura

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