Denisse Phit and her fitness journey creating Phit Challenge

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Denisse took the pandemic as an opportunity to transform her fitness studios in online challenges, spreading her routines and healthy habits to a bigger remote community. 

Name: Denisse Pérez/ Denisse Phit

Title: Master trainer and businesswoman

Facebook: @PhitChallenge 

Instagram: @denissephit/ 


My favorite thing about traveling is… Getting to know new places people and food, and understanding that the world and life is so much more than what we get to see in our every day, basically the reminder of the great possibilities in my life.

I’m currently listening to… Florence & The Machine

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Jane Fonda

One thing I cannot travel without… My night skincare routine creams 

I’m inspired by… People who is over achiever and set new records for the rest of the world

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… Children and animal abuse 

The perfect day would be… One with a big breakfast surrounded by nature in a place where I can move a see new things.

My favorite place I’ve visited… Japan 

I’m currently working on… The next PhitChallenge focused on teaching people in an easy way the science behind neutron, exercise and wellness so they can have a more enjoyable life.

Favorite quote…  “If you believe in it than it exists” – Nietzsche
“ Everything is figurable” unknown

I can’t leave my house with out.. lip balm, Carmex

My worst fear… Being unable to move my body 

I developed Phit method when… In march 2020 during the pandemic I was forced to shot down 13 fitness studios that were developed with my franchise, I had to let go more than 130 employees and it was something very hard to overcome, however we had a duty and a responsibility which was to train our clients during de pandemic, those who paid and could not longer go to the studios, so I decided to record my set doing the clases, and with that it also helped me maintain a routine. But the clientes started to love it, so I developed a web platform, focused not only in fitness but mainly in the training of healthy habits. It was all new for me, so I decided to learn a lot from digital products and marketing, it gave me and my team the opportunity to expand the message and we are pretty sure this is just the beginning.

The best fitness advice I could give… Start now, start today, don’t wait for the perfect moment, or the perfect time because the will be never be one.

I nourish my body by… Doing the things I know are better for it even when I don’t feel like it.

The most rewarding part of my job is… Getting to observe people in their most powerful moments, and walking along with them in their journey to the lifestyle they want, basically seeing people achieve their best version.

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