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Mario and André, the masterminds behind Arista Cero

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The founders of Arista Cero, located in Merida Yucatán, have been able to create amazing and modern spaces while merging nature in every project. We talked with the duo about their inspiration while creating. 

Names: Architects Mario Gonzalez Caceres and André Borges Sanchez

Facebook:  Arista Cero

Instagram: @_aristacero


Title: Founders

I was born… In Merida, Yucatan

When I was younger, I wanted to be… An artist, and I was able to achieve it in a way as an architect

My first job was… In my family company selling air conditioners

How does Arista Cero was born? Six years ago I started talking  with a friend that later became my partner, we had the idea of creating spaces and architecture that would have a bigger communication with the outside and that could combine luxury with nature, as well as artificial and natural lighting.

What would be your biggest project? At the moment it’s a 240 units project located in Tulum in a space of 2 hectares, all the units are looking at the center where a pool area and many different amenities are located, a great space to maximize the quality of life.

How does Arista Cero adds sustainability and fair trade in their projects? We investigate every land before a project so we can maximize the use of the sunlight and winds, we work (as much as we can) with sustainable sources of power like solar panels and water systems.

What is your main inspiration? For us is very important that each project has a unique concept that belongs with the space where it’s going to be created. So our main inspiration is the local resources, history, context or nature of the land. 

How would you describe your architectural style?  We are not related to one style in particular,  every project has it’s own concept and approach, but the design process is the same. We always look for green and open spaces, and that’s a characteristic than can be related to all our projects.

What are your preferred materials to work with? We love to work with bamboo, wood, stone and local materials (depends of the location of the project).

What is next for Arista Cero? We look forward to have projects in every corner of the world.

Photographs: Arista Cero.

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