Mario Ochoa defines Hunab Lifestyle Center

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Hunab is a lifestyle Center located in Tulum gathers a Jungler Garden Bar, Hotel, Shopping Center, Rooftop and Fitness Center, creating a 360 wellness experience. We had a chat with Mario Ochoa Strategy & MKT Director of Hunab Lifestyle Center to know a bit more about this innovative concept.

Name: Mario Ochoa

Facebook: @hunabtulumcenter

Instagram: @hunabtulum


Title: Strategy & MKT Director of Hunab Lifestyle Center

City you live in: Monterrey, Mexico

Most recent city visited…  Toluca

A typical day in my life includes… morning exercise, meditation, audio book and work work work. 

I was born… Texas, US. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A scientist 

My first job was… selling tickets for the red cross

What has been your biggest achievement career wise? Losing everything during COVID-19 and getting back on track in one year. 

What makes Hunab stand out from other centers?

Hunab is a Lifestyle Center where we have 2 hotels: Motto by Hilton which opened November 1st and Indigo by IHG opening in Nov 2023. Motto stands out from the rest because of its micro hotel concept which makes it accessible to everybody and at the same time delivers a high-quality service standard backed up by Hilton. Also, being in Hunab, you have everything you need here, it’s like a high-end small resort experience. 

What was the inspiration behind the interior designing of Hunab?

The natural materials found in Tulum, jabin mayan wood, chukum walls and other natural elements like Galarza stone and conchuella involved in a design that makes it look high-end. 

How is Hunab social and environmentally responsible?

All the Hunab print inside the jungle was transplanted to nearby areas and then brought back to its main jungle garden.  From that transplantation, 85% of the vegetation survived. We have a Kitchen Garden and Community Orchard where you can get a free tree for free and help with Tulums reforestation.  Our 7-meter sculpture, “Big Charro” is a 9 year 100% sustainable art collection piece.  It took an 8 year natural process for the mezcal agave plant to die naturally and then do the Nequen process “fabric hairs” in order give this hair like “teddy bear” look.  


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