Marta Ro

Meet Marta Ro, author, speaker, coach and podcast creator

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Marta is determined to elevate people’s mind by sharing her coaching and leadership knowledge. She has written the book “Desaprender para aprender”, created her own podcast “El poder de lo incómodo”, and shares tips through her different platforms and conferences. Get to know a bit more about this amazing woman in this short and fun interview.

Name: Marta Ro

Facebook: MartaRo_MindsetCoach

Instagram: @martaroo____


Title: Speaker/ Minsetter. 

My favorite thing about traveling is… My mind opening. 

I’m currently listening to… Midnights from Taylor Swift

One thing I cannot travel without… Earphones 

I’m inspired by… Inspiring people, people who do more than just existing. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… People living with purpose vs people living in socially conditioned results. 

My favorite place I’ve visited… Japan 

My top 3 bucket list destinations: Greece, China, Portugal.

My life… is awesome. 

I’m currently working on… My monologue “Inspiring theater”. 

Favorite quote… “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

Biggest dream… Become the Mexican Oprah 

My worst fear… Any mind degeneration illness. 

The most challenging part of creating a podcast is… none of it, it’s pretty easy. 

The most fulfilling conference I’ve given is… They are all amazing but I guess the biggest one with 5,000 thousand people. 

The lesson I learned the hard way is… not everyone is happy for you. 

Photographs: Marta Ro.

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