Influencer: Paulino Davó Sayrols

In People by Suzanne Koch

As co-founder of the new H+ Hospital in Los Cabos, entrepreneur and revolutionist, Paulino Davó Sayrols is changing the way Cabo experiences healthcare.

Occupation: Entrepreneur- Healthcare Services

Title: Co–founder H+ and CEO Hospital H+ Los Cabos

Age: 35

Married/Single: Married to a beautiful and intelligent woman (Katya)

City you were born in: Mexico City

City you live in: San José del Cabo

What brought you to Los Cabos: The idea to build and operate the best hospital in the Peninsula

Why did you choose to work/live in Los Cabos: Los Cabos is paradise for me, it just needed good healthcare

Your favorite place to go in Los Cabos: The beach

Your three favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Floras Farm, Blue Fish, Toro

What made you successful: Success is a journey of hard work

Your most treasured possession: My watches, each one has its own story

Something nobody knows about you: I would have to kill you…

Favorite hour of the day: Nighttime, reading to my kids before bed

Your inspiration: Anything that touches or rocks my soul

Last thing you bought: A new grill

Last memory you made: How we organized between management, doctors, foundations and the hospital to do a huge medical procedure to a young woman to change her life

Your worst habit: Procrastination

Your first job: An assistant to a big shot CFO

If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: My skinny legs; fortunately, my kids did not get them

Your future plans/next business venture: Need to consolidate the H+ hospital first

Your life motto: Life is about creating yourself; create your future

Your vision for the future of Los Cabos: Best destination for medical tourism

(Originally appeared in InMexico Magazine 2016 as part of “Under The Influence”)

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