Scott Hudgins on creating aesthetic designs in harmony with nature

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The founder of Hudgins Design has achieved the perfect balance for creating beautiful spaces that are at the same time practical and have a special connection with nature, by adding different textures and materials that make every design unique. 

Name: Scott Hudgins

Instagram: @hudginsdesign


Title: Founder & Owner of Hudgins Design Group

My favorite place I’ve visited… Bali, Indonesia

My top 3 bucket list destinations:  Greek Islands, New Zealand and Maldives.

Never… give up on a dream just because the time it will take to accomplish it.

Favorite quote… “I am what I am, not what I think I am.”

Biggest dream… I started working construction at 15 years old and I have always dreamed to design and build my own house.

My pet peeve(s)… negativity.

I draw inspiration from… our passion for design which is inspired by our investment in the unique qualities of our clients and the distinctive character of their sites.

I separate myself and Hudgins Design from others in this field by…striving for simplicity and an openness to the surrounding landscape that erodes the division between indoor and outdoor space; with an emphasis on texture and natural materials.

My greatest career achievement thus far is…. The ability to call so many clients my friends.

People would be surprised to know…that I lived in Bali for a summer with my family, and it had a profound affect on my design philosophy.

The project that I am most proud of is…Lotus Pond Bridge in Taipei, Taiwan

Hudgins Design Group started when the company… focused on helping others and adding value which translated into a successful business foundation for luxury residential architecture.

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