CATCH at Thompson Playa Del Carmen Debuts New Cocktail Menu

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Located on the 30,000-square-foot rooftop of Thompson Playa Del Carmen is the New York City-famed culinary concept, CATCH, a hip spot serving innovative seafood and refreshing drinks. The hot spot recently launched a new cocktail menu with seven new choices to cool you down on a hot Caribbean day. For choosy guests, the restaurant is now offering cocktail flights which allows guests to taste-test three cocktails before settling on their favorite.

Take a look at the new menu additions below.

Doña Carmen: Sip on this perfect balance of sweet and smoky. Doña Carmen pairs cooked agave and citrus with grapefruit, espadín and a touch of Aperol, all topped off with tonic, creating a fresh and crisp finish.

La Dama: La Dama is a refined concoction composed of sweet, local guayaba and freshly squeezed orange juice. The rum goes hand-in-hand with spiced rum creating delicate flavors and subtle hints of tropical sweetness. Both Doña Carmen and La Dama are the perfect alternative to fresh cocktails in the hot and humid Caribbean.

El Sol: A unique alternative to a common margarita, this cocktail is comprised of a crisp and rich mango shrub crafted with hayden mangoes along with red wine and vinegar with hints of spices.

La Piñata: This sweet treat will bring back flavors of childhood Mexican candies with its playful flavor mix of tamarind and pineapple.

El Valiente: CATCH’s take on the classic Negroni, El Valiente uses the bolder flavor of mezcal in place of gin and tops it off with a hint of cacao-infused Campari. El Valiente is a statement of bravery with rich persistent flavors and a strong finish.

El Catrín: El Catrín has everything right going on with a mix of Bourbon, honey, lemon, mint and ginger—talk about feeling good.

Poxata: Crafted pecan horchata is made specifically to maximize the taste of Pox in this cocktail. Not commonly known to most palates, Pox is a spirit native to Chiapas, Mexico and is distilled from sugar cane, corn and wheat. Its most unique taste accompanies the taste of horchata in this carefully crafted cocktail.

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