Dishing It Out: Demian Isai Cruz Grajales, Fairmont Mayakoba

In Dine, People, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Suzanne Koch

Demian Isai Cruz Grajales

Executive Sous Chef at Fairmont Mayakoba

Playa del Carmen

Instagram: @demianicg1310

I draw inspiration from my grandmother who used to make cheese and bread in a town in Veracruz, and my Aunt Elena who used to prepare the best meal for me.

I separate myself and my brand from others in this field by making food and beverage division the heart and soul of our hotels. I want guests to come to our hotel because of our food experience.

My greatest career achievement thus far is opening a restaurant and having the opportunity to work abroad in many different places like Spain, Belgium, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

People would be surprised to know that I did not go to a culinary school. I am a self-taught chef from books and training.

My favorite place in town to enjoy an authentic meal is Ictio Fish House.

Tequila or mezcal? Mezcal

I hope my greatest contribution to Mexico’s culinary scene is to respect nature and eat sustainably and to create a culture of that.

This article originally appeared in the 2019 Fall/Winter issue of InMexico Magazine.

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