Buena Estrella Ice Cream: The Sweetest Way to Enjoy Tulum

In Dine, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Isabella Moreno

Throughout the year people from all over the world choose Tulum as one of the magical villages and paradises for visiting throughout the country. Tulum is famous for being a refuge for many Hollywood artists, an epicenter of fashion and a meeting point for artists, designers and travelers. Tulum is without doubt a great spot on the map to visit with your partner, family or friends to enjoy some of the most breathtaking beaches that create an out-of-this-world landscape. Tulum is also known for its guided tours throughout beautiful, natural reserves and its roster of high-quality restaurants along with many more great characteristics. Truth is, Tulum is magnetic, vibrant and full of life and emotion. Each space is made with love, from the jaw-dropping hotels, to each downtown cafe or bar. Don’t be surprised if you feel the culture in each dish, greeting and garment that is manufactured in this area.

A must-try in Tulum is the unbelievable Helados Buena Estrella ice cream, located in a food truck in the entrance to Boca Paila, a strategic location for locals and visitors. The ice cream is a beautiful treat for anyone living in a warm climate. Upon arrival, two smiles from the couple that owns and manufactures La Buena Estrella, will welcome you. This vegan ice cream is made even better with the addition of coconut milk and any combination of natural ingredients that you choose. Try combinations like: Mamey-Cardamomo and Avocado, Menta-Limón, Cacao-Almendras, and more. The ingredients with which you can choose your ice cream flavor are listed on a whiteboard and you can be sure that it is an ice cream absolutely special since it is made-to-order in an iron-frost table and is the result of combining fresh and all-natural ingredients. Without a doubt, Helados Buena Estrella is an addictive delight that has caught up to all who have tasted it. It is a Tulum jewel for locals and the best surprise for any visitor.

Absolutely delicious!


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