Tulum Vegan Fest

In Dine, Play, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Isabella Moreno

On July 24, 2016 the Tulum Vegan Fest will take place in magical Holistika and invites the entire vegetarian and vegan community as well people who have enthusiasm and interest to learn the issues surrounding this movement. There will be special guests to create an amazing experience throughout the day and the location of Holistikacreates a special atmosphere.

The program is formed by the best yoga teachers, vegan bodybuilders, chefs, wellness coaches, and Mexican actors and artists who support this movement and the conferences will provide more information on these topics. The TVF will be full of activities, interesting talks and so much fun. It is a great day for leveraging and enjoying the delights of vegan cuisine and if you’re not a vegan then it is a great opportunity to approach this type of life. The environment includes great live music in the middle of the jungle and proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to different associations throughout Tulum that supports wildlife.

Tulum Vegan Fest shows the result of the union of individual efforts, dedication and work that many talented people have made to fulfill the objectives of its own philosophy and the points in favor of the vegan movement. Some of those who will be in attendance are: Marco Antonio Regil, television host and lecturer; Rubén Albarrán, musician Café Tacuba and activist; Rawvana, Crudivegana and health coach; Olivia Martinez, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Confounder of TVF; Isro Vergara, food blogger and co-organizer of TVF; Paulina Moreno , wellness coach; and many more.

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