Tips for Meeting Your Fitness Goals on Vacation

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By Chloe McAllaster

By definition, a vacation is a reprieve from your daily life—and all the stress that comes along with it. While we won’t stop you from neglecting your inbox for a few days, one aspect of your ordinary schedule you may want to maintain while on vacation is your workout routine. When you’re surrounded by decadent meals and stunning views, however, it can be difficult to find the motivation to lace up your running shoes. Here are some tips and tricks for meeting your fitness goals without sacrificing rest and relaxation.

Try something new.

Rather than heading to your resort’s fitness center to mindlessly jog on a treadmill, seek out a workout that you could only do at your destination. Many resorts offer classes like paddleboard yoga, group hikes, and poolside pilates. Take advantage of these opportunities to try a new workout while basking in your beautiful surroundings.

Incorporate exercise throughout your travel itinerary.

Even if you don’t block out dedicated “workout” time in your vacation schedule, you can still find ways to stay active. Take a break from tanning on the beach to swim in the ocean, insist on walking to dinner in town, or rent bikes for the day. These easy choices ensure your body will stay moving without having to spend precious vacation time in the gym.

Designate a fitness buddy.  

While the temptation to sleep in on vacation is strong, resisting the urge to snooze your alarm is a whole lot easier with someone else holding you accountable. Find someone on your vacation who is just as dedicated to staying active as you are and suddenly working out feels like an activity rather than a chore. Together, you can kickstart your day with beach runs, sunrise yoga, or a tennis match—making memories and progress toward your fitness goals.

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