Alfonso Marina

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

There are a few lucky people who will find an item that activates their creative mind in the right direction from a very early age. We believe that just finding it is enough for a lifetime. Such is the example of Alfonso Marina, who began his activity as a carpenter in 1971. The objective since then has been to create and offer a product of the highest quality. Alfonso Marina is an artist who selects pieces that are above just “furniture” and are characterized by a supreme elegance. All the pieces reflect a state of harmony through design and proportion. Marina’s mind is not limited by any historical period; all of his work becomes iconic pieces that contain a timeless character. The selection and design work of every piece has been driven with a lot of experimentation to refine the current state of methodology. He gives a lot of importance to the cultural context, the professional experience and the specific taste of each person and therefore of each project. There must be a thread that unites the dialog to each one of the pieces so the space can reflect the identity of the person.

You can find all the work of Alfonso Marina at his spectacular showroom in Mexico City. This is the space where he includes the sample of ambience products, textiles, lighting, accessories and art. Alfonso Marina exports a large number of his work through showrooms that go directly to prestigious designers.What characterizes and makes Marina’s work unique is that it is intervened by the hand and work of artisans qualified to achieve the different required looks and techniques. The traditional processes are kept and evolved in each piece, like the beautiful ones with hand painted details and elements that give character in every collection. If you are a design-, artisan- or architecture-lover with an exquisite taste, you cannot lose sight of Alfonso Marina.


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