Designers Group: Joshua and Amin

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Designers Group was founded in 1995 by Amin Suarez and Joshua Bornstein, who have always worked with the aim of creating spaces that represent the different personalities who inhabit them. Located in Mexico City, Designers Group has the virtue of converting customer’s dreams into real spaces in which they create their life. The talent and creativity of these two great designers form an unwavering alliance full of life and nature and successfully fill any project with their essence. They do much more than just design the interior of any space; they create a lifestyle.

The people that work at the office have been carefully selected; each one is a professional who dedicates their time and life to design and interior architecture with great passion and delivery. It is the main ingredient of this office philosophy. Each project is carefully analyzed starting with the client and their specific needs. Then, the location, style, furniture and finally the museography of the space are chosen. They are adept at giving reviving already existent places with a new, vibrant fresh look with element arrangements, sensations, textures and colors. The diversity of their projects clearly shows how the imagination has no limits. This is why they were chosen to form part of the designers that worked at Design House 2016 in Mexico City.

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