Amandina, Jewlery made by Tradition

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Amandina is a two designer company that unites the passion for Mexican craft work. Together, they created a space in which unique pieces are manufactured, it is born out of the filigree work with the contemporary vision of the creators, giving as a result an elegant and beautiful surprise. Amandina’s objective since the beginning has been revive the Mestizo traditions that characterize a large part of the population of Mexico, converting them into objects that attract and represent contemporary women.

The two women behind Amandina are Joana and Georgina, two Mexican girls who met at Design School in 2006. Both shared the passion and love for jewelry industry,for the obsession to achieve the objects they way they saw them in their minds, exactly as planned. The dedication in every detail, the commitment to a fair market and the innovation of their designs are the core values and also the reason why why they have achieved being a resounding success worldwide brand.

This is why each piece have had the fortune to achieve an amazing scope. They represent the beautiful filigree work throughout the world. Nothing would have been possible without the amazing team Joana and Georgina have, the people who made the pieces come to life.





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