The Pleasure of Visiting Rosewood Mayakoba

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

If there is one word to describe Mayakoba it is definitely “paradisiac;” the luxury destination located at the north of Playa del Carmen is surrounded by emerald lagoons, white sand beaches and exotic mangroves. It is a magical and very unique place, and for that reason in 2008, Rosewood opened one of its most impressive resorts: Rosewood Mayakoba. It was designed to blend the stunning natural landscapes with service of the highest quality, satisfying all those in search of unique experiences. It has 130 nice and sophisticated suites, equipped with private pools, solariums, outdoor showers, individual docks and luxury finishes. The hotel construction meets the highest ecological standards, offering luxury, comfort and caring conscience, at the time that native flora and fauna are preserved. Rosewood Mayakoba weddings are intimate and harmonious, plus they are surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility and exceptional beauty. The hotel offers different types of ceremony depending on what the bride and groom are looking for; these are some of them:

-Civil ceremony officiated by a Mexican judge and valid in the U.S. after 3 months.

-Religious ceremony according to the beliefs of the couple.

-Mayan ceremony with spiritual ritual where the couple exchanges vows and a shaman invokes love, happiness and abundance with the copal blessing.

-Sand ceremony where the union of the couple is represented by a mixture of sand of different colors.

-Cosmic ceremony that involves the presentation of the couple to the Maximum Cosmic Energy and to Mother Earth.

Of course as far as flowers, music and food is concerned, the couple can choose what they like the most, advised by specialists of Rosewood Mayakoba. Paradise is closer than you think and is waiting with open arms.

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