Avec Jewelry: Wearable Art

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

AVEC is a jewelry brand created in 2012 by Georgina Prieto. Her designs are inspired by nature, geometric shapes and architecture. These elements create an ethnic style that mixes gold and silver, distinctive features of the brand.

Over time, the brand and its designer have evolved and have been consolidated as part of the new proposal of Mexican jewelery design. The greatest satisfaction for its creator is to see how her pieces acquire a greater personality when completing the outfit of one of her buyers which range from adult women to teenagers, where the common denominator is the search for originality and good quality.

AVEC has become one of the favorite brands of those who know about Mexican design. Georgina has created a brand that has gradually created its own identity and has managed to provide the same to women and people who approach it. AVEC uses inspiration in the purity of geometry, in the value of materials and in the elegance of simplicity to create pieces that are works of art ready to take anywhere.


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