Ayres, Handmade in Mexico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

A beautiful aspect of architecture and design is the creation of atmospheres inside every room by giving a hint of identity through including amazing objects like art, flowers, smells, textures and colors. Ayres designs useful objects with simple aesthetic lines while maintaining a very basic and elegant look. The basic forms that are used are unique and immediately lead you to think about the prehistoric utensils and objects. The Ayres style can easily adapt to any interior design project as its use of honest and raw materials are easy going and will always create a classic look. There are stones like volcanic stone, Tzalam and Guayacan wood as well as natural leathers that can be used and the processes are entirely handmade. Each piece is made by hand at the same time of the experimentation with the shapes and techniques increase.

The creators of Ayres are Joana Valdez and Karim Molina, who unite design and textile design to create the most beautiful objects. Inspired by history, nature and the primitive roots, Ayres is able to create beauty and object design to accompany us through life. All designs are worked and made in different states of Mexico, especially in the Yucatan where the atelier is. The love and passion for creating objects that tell a story that can be part of people’s life is what has made Ayres the new obsession of all designers and architects.







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