The Bar at 64 Street, Mérida-Yucatán

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The architectural recovery of a space that is listed as a Historic Monument by the INAH in Mexico limits the architect’s imagination, but in the case of the bar on 64 Street, Arq. Nauzet Rodríguez managed to use it to his advantage. As a recovered building with a new use, the bar on 64 Street is located in the beautiful Yucatecan capital of Mérida. For the surprise lovers, this city is paradise. The preserved facades with different colors, weathered by time, creates a wonderful atmosphere. Adding to the natural beauty of the contemporary Mexican talent, you can be sure that behind every door that closes these beautiful facades, a different fascinating world exists. We have already proved it at Home Lecanda, Coqui Coqui, Rosa Xocolate and many more spaces.

This architectural project was limited by the nature of the building; the prime goal was the recovering of the pre-existing architectural elements such as the doors. Missing doors were replaced with replicas, two roofs were recovered and reconstructed with the same accuracy that used to protect the inside of the building, and the original wall texture and the consolidation of the spaces as they appeared in the original time were maintained. The entire project was made with respect to the life element: time and the small footprints of  it at the interior of the building. The result was an unconventional bar, giving amazing drifts to visitors, taking its own identity and morphing it into a new use while remaining faithful to the original structure. The only additions were the bathrooms located at the end of the yard which became surprisingly the most difficult task as it is a challenge to include contemporary elements in an untouchable old campus. Of course, natura concrete was the simplest solution.

The interior decoration sought to express the feeling of industrial and rustic, using materials like iron and wood that had not been found as such in the original period of the building. It is without a doubt a wonderful space that should be enjoyed from an aesthetic, historical and architectural point of view. If you find the blue façade within Street 64 do not hesitate to enter and be surprised.


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