The Beautiful “Oak House”

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Oak House IV is a project by Almazán Architects and Partners. It is a house located in the privileged zone of Santa Fe in Mexico City. The project was designed specifically for a family and was built in 2015. The land where it was constructed presented the greatest challenge but it was the perfect element that defined the morphology of the architecture. It made it possible to develop a wonderful facade that adapts to the curve from which the terrain descends.

The architecture is completely contemporary, using simple items, well-defined volumes and double height in different spaces that allows you to enjoy the great views of the context in which it is located. The interior is composed of a patio that is truly the heart of the house and the central point from which the architectural project is divided and connects all the different spaces. The courtyard can light up all the spaces in a natural way, giving a total feeling of spaciousness and clarity. The light permeates toward the interior of the spaces generating a perfect microclimate for the inhabitants.

The final materials of the house are characterized for being the highest quality and the most innovative, all of them based to the taste of the customers. Marble, stone, wood covers and Duovent glass for  the large windows are some of the elements that made up the internal atmosphere of this construction and create a spectacular environment for any activity within this space. The extra special ingredient is the architectural design, the way by which the house has adapted and leverages the land space to generate the different spaces helped to make the customers feel their identity within their home and to meet all the needs of the family and create a beautiful place to live.




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