Brea: Architecture, Design and Interiors

In Architecture & Design, Cancún by Isabella Moreno

One of the youngest cities in the country, the heavenly Cancun also has one of the highest levels of tourism in Mexico and has developed a tourist area focused on this spectacular type of living. Thousands of miles are occupied with hotels and residential luxury complexes, offering all-inclusive amenities with sea and lagoon views. It is filled with the most exclusive shops, Michelin-starred restaurants, a never-ending nightlife scene and all the facilities to have an unforgettable holiday at the Riviera Maya. However, the city of Cancun also has inhabitants on the other side of the lagoon which are determined to grow the city and make it one that is worth visiting not only for the famous nightlife, but for the own characteristics of Cancun.

There are new offices of local architecture, designers, restaurants for daily life and much more at Cancun’s Downtown. One of them is the space called Brea, a firm specializing in architecture and interior design projects that also sells furniture designed by the same brand, and products and objects from other local brands. It is a great discovery since it is developing customized projects both to inject life into the current center of Cancun, as well as to offer its services to any person in need of refurbishment or the creation of a contemporary and trendy space. The founder of Brea is Alberto Rodriguez and meets the dream of having a designer shop focused on offering projects in architecture and interiors.


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