Travel Trends of the Wealthy

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Ever wonder where in the world the top destination of choice is for those who sit at the highest level of income? Resonance, a leader in destination development and brand marketing, recently released its 2016 U.S. Luxury Travel Report which surveyed 1,667 travelers of the wealthiest one percent and five percent of households to discover their preferred brands, destinations, activities and more.

  • The survey defined 1% as: $400K+ household income or $8 million+ net worth
  • The survey defined 5% as $200K+ household income or $2 million+ net worth

The report found that the wealthiest 5 percent account for $390 billion spent on leisure travel per year, making them quite the stockpile of revenue for tourism. The report also found that this group of travelers averages 14.3 trips per year, half of which are for business and half for leisure. The average amount spent per person, per vacation totals $3,115.

See below for the complete list of the top 10 international destinations chosen by the wealthiest one percent of U.S. citizens.

  • Mexico – 26%
  • Canada – 24%
  • Italy – 24%
  • England – 22%
  • France – 22%
  • Germany – 14%
  • Bahamas – 14%
  • Anguilla – 13%
  • Australia – 12%
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – 11%

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