Caníbal Royal Beach Club at Playa del Carmen

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno


Inspired by the architecture of the 50’s in Brazil, the Restaurant and Beach Club Cannibal Royal will be without doubt one of the favorites in the list to visit Playa Del Carmen. The concept of the Beach Club is the most special in the area and the subtle yet effective service accompanies you during the entire time.

The shape of space manages to convey the trip on a boat. All floors are open with a dreamy sea view. On the first floor is a typical Caribbean view but with an extra funky feeling and relaxation elements: circular beds on the ground of old boats, lights, and palm trees over them, tables and chairs on the beach; this is the floor where the bar is, the kitchen and of course the blue Caribbean background. On the second floor you will find a stay to enjoy the delicious menu in a more formal manner: table and chairs with a spectacular view and of course another bar and finally on the third floor, the view is unbeatable, there is a swimming pool made with natural stone in the center to maintain the water at a  accurate temperature with wooden bunks to relax and enjoy. The ideal space for a private event or simply enjoy the afternoon with your family and friends.

The music brings together different styles and the place has presentation for national and international Djs, achieving an eclectic style that will not fail to surprise even the more demanding music experts. Cannibal Royal is from the creators of the La Santanera and  Diablito Cha Cha Cha. It is perfect to spend an evening with the best food, music and atmosphere in Playa del Carmen. The quality of the experience is guaranteed since is not only visited by foreigners but by the people living in Playa del Carmen, achieving a space that is always with the exact amount of people and has a wonderful atmosphere.



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