Casa 280, The Decor Paradise of Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Casa 280 is a company focused on high quality interior design, as well as interior design consultancy specialized in residential, commercial and hotel projects. They have an impeccable showroom in Mexico City where they represent the best brands of this medium including Ferguson, Hickory Chair, Royal Botania, Gandia Blasco, Rubbelli, Lizzo, Sahco and many more.
The idea of Casa 280 is to unite in one place the most exquisite taste and everything necessary to achieve an optimal service for its clients. Always covering from the most classic to the latest trends. In Mexico City it is easy to find boutiques and stores of different independent designers, international and of all kinds of tastes, covering the broad spectrum of 22 million inhabitants. But it is very difficult to find special jewels with such a clean and high quality taste as Casa 280. It always works with designers, architects, artists and people who work in the world of creating spaces. It is really a dream if you’re into fabrics; you can find the best in the world in this space, as well as the ideal decoration details to build any space. It is undoubtedly a jewel for any design and architecture lover. A must!


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