Casa Maauad

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

We will continue with the long list of spaces that can’t be missed in the next Art Week Mexico City. In addition to the big fairs mentioned in the past articles (MACO and Material Art Fair), the city has a large amount of  galleries that are linked to the tours of the fairs and others that are not, both showing art that should not be excluded in the visit to the city. One of the favorite spaces of the residents of the city, and foreigners is the “anti-gallery” Casa Maauad.

This space was open to the public during 2010 by the Mexican artist Anuar Maauad, creating a non-profit space with the aim of offering a residency program for artists in Mexico City. It is focused on the production of contemporary art and the main objective is to promote the creation of solid relations between national and international artists.

This is accomplished by creating a link; it generates a classroom experience between the two individuals and as a result creates a mix of creation and exposure between both individuals. The national artists have collaborated with Casa Maauad to participate in the “Project Room,” an exhibition space for individual and temporary samples. The way this space supports national talent is by offering an exhibition space as well as access to curators, directors and artists of the Mexican Art Scene and the world.

Casa Maauad is not only a bridge of creation, but a meeting point for artists, curators, institutions, museums and galleries. It is characterized and shines by maintaining a versatile and diverse program that supports the contemporary art in Mexico City. Of course, the space has a magical vibe that inspires anyone who can get inside.

It is necessary to make an appointment for a visit. Enjoy!

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