CMV House by MMX Architects

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

There are many exceptional examples of contemporary Mexican architecture that is based on the exquisite culture of this beautiful country. Mexico is color, diversity, mysticism and art. It is created through hard work with handmade details that fill every small place with intention.

The CMV house located at Valle de Bravo is the work of one of the Mexican architecture offices with a well-known name in the country and around the world: MMX. The office was established in 2010 in Mexico City and was formed by Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Rio, Emmanuel Ramirez and Diego Ricalde. The office focuses on the design of different types of projects, from master plans, to houses and pavilions and is always looking for a collaborative practice. The firm offers intelligent proposals in both design and intervention on different scales like urban proposals highlighting the successful approach in the development of physical, economic and social context. MMX has been recognized with national and international awards, making Mexico a country with great ability, talent and power in the world of architecture.

The CMV House in Valle de Bravo is a private project developed to take advantage of the space where the project was built. Using materials such as wood, glass and the surrounding vegetation, they were able to create a very special space with a hint of mysticism. With a spectacular view of Valle de Bravo Lake, this house is a great example of detailed construction, elegantly simple decor and beautiful sights.



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