Observatory House: Gabriel Orozco and Tatiana Bilbao’s Stunning Design

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

Stunning architecture takes shape with wonderful ideas that incorporate views, feelings, materials, routes, and intention of space and dialog, in connection with its surrounding environment. A prime example of this is the Observatory House from the well-known Mexican artist, Gabriel Orozco.

Gabriel Orozco was born in 1962 and is one of the best and most well-known conceptual, contemporary artists around the world. He studied at the National School of Arts  (ENAP) in Mexico City and at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid. He currently lives in New York. The ideas of Orozco have activated and given birth to the art world in Mexico and can be seen in the simple yet conclusive lines with which he visualized this house in White Rock, Mexico, located on the Pacific Coast. It is a large, open space, overwhelming with natural beauty that does not require anything more than the view and feeling of its inhabitants.

The idea was made a reality by the talented Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao, who was born in 1972. The Observatory House highlights the exterior nature like the salty air, cacti, vegetation and the view.

The simplicity of the materials and its design became part of the artwork and the house was designed at the highest point, with the pool—located at the very top and acting as an observatory—reenforcing the name of the house. The house is located on top of a rocky mound with a spectacular panoramic view. The structure is a replica at 1:1 scale of the astronomical observatory of Jantar Mantar in New Delhi built in 1724.




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