Lose Weight With These 2 Luxury Spa Treatments

In Play, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Suzanne Koch

Losing weight is one of the greatest feelings, but shedding pounds by way of a luxury spa is even better. Grand Velas Riviera Maya’s spa has two treatments that help assist with weight loss while soothing and relaxing. The treatments are inspired by Mayan culture and use unique ingredients that will immerse you in the culture of Mexico while helping to give you an even better body.

Artisan Stone Treatment: This 80-minute treatment is inspired by ancestral knowledge and features volcanic minerals that help sculpt your body and firm body tissue. It starts with a body exfoliant that helps remove dead cells and activate circulation. Then, a concentrate of caffeine and proline are applied to specific areas creating a reductive massage, followed by a toning body mud. The treatment is topped off with a massage using volcanic stones that are made with Vagheggi’s Dioriti volcanic mineral dust by the therapist and guest together. $342

Bacal Massage: Tracing back to Mayan cultural roots, this 50-minute massage begins with a ground corn and honey exfoliation to detoxify skin. A full-body massage follows that uses Mayan corncobs tenderized in copal-scented steam. Lastly, lymphatic drainage techniques are used in specific problem areas to help decrease swelling and cellulite. $236

For more information, visit: luxuryspamexico.com or rivieramaya.grandvelas.com

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