Downtown Mexico, the Magic of Getting Into

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The Downtown district of Mexico City is one of the most special spaces in the entire country. Not only because it is the genesis of the city, because of the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor and the space that the plinth is by itself. It is a place of history, of union with the original culture: the aztecs, with the power of the church and the buildings that contain the main government of the city and country. It is the core that symbolizes time and history. Beyond the plinth, the Downtown streets contain the history of the city in many of the buildings that bring life to it: Antique Palaces, Villas that use to be from the pillar families of the city, the first stores and markets and especially it contains the everyday living of one of the most journeyed cities in the globe. Downtown Mexico is a complete and perfect experience to feel the Mexican folklore at its best. It is needed to walk and get into it to feel it appropriately.

By getting into the streets of Downtown you will find the magic space that makes honor to the name itself, the hotel “Downtown Mexico” located at  Isabel la Catolica street. This hotel is part of the hotel operating firm Grupo Habita, a creative concept made by the partner and director Carlos Couturier. Without a doubt, whenever you visit one of GH hotels you will be invaded by luxury and the best service, indisputably Grupo Habita hotels create experiences that live forever in the memory of their guests.

Today the Hotel “Downtown Mexico” is located in the Antique Palace of the Miravalle Earls, a construction from the 17th Century remodeled by the office Cherem Architects. The invitation to the space is extremely overwhelming,  getting into the space through a viceregal majestic door which is a tunnel that directs to a completely different atmosphere comparing it to the experience of the streets, but keeping the feeling of being in the historical center of Mexico City. The character of the space is contemporary with viceregal, achieving a sense of  the today-Mexico with simplicity and the best taste.

In the inner courtyard of the Old Palace is the restaurant “Azul Histórico” which is a Mexican food restaurant with the highest excellence in taste and quality, led by the renowned Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita. The gastronomic experience offers different options: “Padrinos, Cocina de Barrio” and the exquisite “Punta Arena” with a spectacular vertical garden, work of “Verde vertical” by the Arq. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio. Surrounding the inner courtyard in the upper floor, you will find a list of prestigious shops and galleries to complement the luxury experience. Among them are: the handicrafts shop  “Caracol Púrpura” , the bakery Da Silva, the mezcaleria La Botica, the best chocolates from “Que bo”, the Art gallery Balsamo,  Algarabía and many more. At the other side of the inner yard you will find the access to the hotel which is exclusive for guests.

“Downtown Mexico” offers the greatest comfort and beauty to enjoy the historic center of Mexico City by blending colonial and indigenous elements with contemporary ones. The hotel has seventeen rooms of luxury and “Downtown Beds” is made with seventy-eight beds accommodated in rooms ranging from sixteen up to three people. In addition to enjoy the beautiful bedrooms with furniture of Paul Roco, Paul Igartua and Rodrigo Berrondo, you can enjoy one of the oldest residences in the area which has a fresco by the muralist Manuel Rodríguez Lozano entitled “The Holocaust” located in the central balcony of the palace where is the breakfast area and access to the rooms.

A feature that has been added to “Downtown Mexico” a success and an iconic image, is the rooftop pool with yellow bunks, a wonderful panoramic view of the Historic Downtown of the city with a jacuzzi and a bar; all of this creating the perfect combo to make a sunny afternoon unforgettable. Downtown Mexico is, without a doubt, a magical place worthy of visit to satisfy the palate, the view and the emotion that brings being in a big city, not only by the quality of the service, the splendid cuisine, impeccable design and comfort but to enjoy the architecture of the 17th Century,  feeling Mexico from the heart of the city.


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