Dulce Armenta, Tenderness For Your Body

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

There is nothing better for inspiration than what we know best. In this case, the designer of Dulce Armenta is inspired by the comfort, sensuality and silhouette of the human body to create spectacular pieces including swimsuits that become the most chic basics in and out of the water. Simply give a quick look at their lookbook to discover how these beautiful pieces feel just beautiful.

Dulce Armenta is a brand meant for the wardrobe of those with an elegant and classic taste and feature pieces full of color and prints to generate more interesting, visual dialogues. The materials, textures and quality of the chosen textiles create a smooth feeling; you might want to even wear them in the city.
Dulce Armenta is a brand that leans towards a global aesthetic, seeking to expand the Mexican fashion industry, taking its proposals internationally and breaking aesthetic canons and proposing a new era of the basics. It is definitely an option that you can not live without inside the world of Mexican design.

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