Final Touch with the Rug Company “Déjate Querer”

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno


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One of the most important elements and objects within interior architecture and decor are, the textures, colors and materials that we choose for the floors. This creates a great part of the atmosphere in the space. A space either becomes one of rough work, or with a feeling of being totally cozy, which gives the much-desired warmth of home or exclaims extreme elegance and subtlety. This is why there are companies such as “Déjate querer” that specialize in creating works of art to dress the spaces with the taste and preference of each of the creators and inhabitants of the space, always playing with the endless combinations to create special patterns for the different uses of the space.

The industrial designer Ana Paula Alatriste and social anthropologist Rocío Cortés are the creators of the brand “Déjate Querer” and both made this creative core under the craft values of creating each piece by hand. Rugs are manufactured under the aesthetic language which is created to communicate between an anthropologist and a designer, giving a surprisingly beautiful result. Each collection and design is inspired by nature and the patterns that are generated in it, being the reflection of the universal structure embodied in any floor. The methodology used is by means of ancient techniques, making each piece by hand and creating a unique creative process in each rug. Each rug has weeks of work and this is reflected in the character and identity of each piece.

The passion that this duo has for materials and patterns generates a wonderful repertoire of options; coral, nebula, hive, milpa alta, aldama and the classic smooth are the names of the possible options to choose from. Each of these options can be combined with the different colors they offer. By customizing the project for a specific space, the material they use is wool felt, making a universe of options available to put the final touch to  any special space!

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