Floating Over Las Nubes at Holbox

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Holbox is one of Mexico’s hidden treasures. It is located in the Mexican Caribbean where the streets are made of white sand, where you can eat fresh dishes everyday and have fun without concerns. All of this and more is what makes this wonderful place a space in which to live together in peace, in which the balance and harmony with nature creates an atmosphere of  complete relaxation.

Las Nubes, which means the clouds, is a boutique hotel that is located on this wonderful island. Las Nubes is considered an eco-luxury hotel, which means that it is the combination of natural and cultural experiences with luxurious amenities and environmental sensitivity. It is a place where you will have a minimum impact on the environment.

Las Nubes assumes its commitment as an eco-boutique hotel of 28 rooms. It is located in the natural reserve of Yum Balam on a tiny island in the Mexican Caribbean, bathed by clear waters and surrounded by beautiful mangroves. Each of its rooms are equipped with details that help to reduce the ecological impact.We love this space because it is an eco-chic boutique hotel that is defined by having that special familiar luxury touch and comfort that creates the communion between nature and relaxation.

It wouldn’t be a complete experience without having a space of absolute relaxation: Orchid Spa, which helps to relax and help you forget the stress by means of Mayan treatments that help you return to your natural state of radiance.


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