Gallery Arróniz Contemporary Art at Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Following with the contemporary cultural dissemination of Mexico City, it is important to know the galleries that host, promote, create and disseminate national and international art in Mexico City. Within the enormous list, we will shortly be presenting the favorite; within them is the Arróniz Contemporary Art Gallery.

This gallery begins in October 2006 with the importance of presenting the work of the new generation of artists from Mexico and Latin America. The main thrust of this space is the support and close and constant monitoring of the trajectories of work of all its artists,  both local and international demonstrations. Using the  basic use of the drawing to develop projects and pieces, artists that are represented by the Gallery use mixed techniques such as: painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation.

The Gallery Arróniz Contemporary Art included the presentation of a show room in the parallel projects since 2010.
Where is showed a part or specific project, expanding its offer to new audiences and working in collaboration with other artists, curators and institutions.Some of the artists represented by this gallery are:

Daniel Alcalá
Marcela Armas
Omar Barquet
Mauro Giaconi
Almudena Lobera
Ricardo Rendon

And they have done collaborations with artists:

Taka Fernandez
Fernando Carabajal
Nicola Lopez
and many more.

The development of the gallery remains active and very productive. The location within tMexico City is perfect for its use. It is at the Rio de Janeiro Plaza located in the most artistic district of the city: Colonia Roma. Around this square are more galleries and the block has an architectural history worthy of a separate article. It is fascinating to find the endless creativity of the Mexican population, the amount of spaces dedicated to art, to the coexistence and social dialog. This is one of the reasons why it has been compared to Berlin.

If you’re around do not miss the next exhibition which will be inaugurated on 2 February to the 19 hours.

In the Main Room will be the artist: Mauro Giaconi
the argentine artist Mauro Giaconi, in its most recent exposure, presents an installation that part of concepts and techniques from the field of restoration – a field in which you performance during several years – to reflect on concepts related to the nostalgia, to violence and order.Ethanol, components surfactants, sharp tools and corrosive compresses that break the surface tension of a material, are some of the strategies used to – contrary to the basic principles of the restoration- decompose and fragment the architectural space. Thus building a bridge that confuses the passage of time, stirring the walls to find traces of her past exposure (where intervened the space with a drawing-mural) seeking gestures that crack the space, giving way to an instance chaotic, fragile and ephemeral.

Room of projects will be the artist: Monica Espinosa
name of the exhibition: I will shake myself into the invisible pocket
the crowding is all the time. Amontonamos to make our habitat, our world, we create sets, orders and disorder, we machines nearly understandable but not know nothing of mechanical or science. The mental processes on which we build our configurations of world are produced by the invisible movements that always the cross and in the majority of cases the overflow. Cosmos, chaos and order at the same time there we are unable to know which is the border of each one, a world awake and another asleep at the same time, both beaten in a bag invisible.

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