The delight of eating at the Quintonil at Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno


It is necessary to close the best dates of the year by spoiling us a little bit more. After the million dinners with friends, family, meetings of the office and with your special plus one; adding to the incredible Christmas Dinner and the post get together with family. It is impossible to keep up with the diet. It only remains for us to exercise and continue to provide for the pleasure of enjoying another delicious December. It is important not to feel guilty and to continue to enjoy to the maximum, always and but mostly when it is worthwhile.

The recommendation for this is the restaurant Quintonil located in Polanco at the fascinating Mexico City. The restaurant is located under the command of the great duo of Jorge Vallejo, a young Mexican chef with a solid work and by Alejandra Flores that has great experience in restoration and is who personally attends customers in each table.

The magic of the restaurant Quintonil resides in the gastronomical proposal that reflects the place where is located the mexican food in the contemporary world. The texture, body and the flavors of each dish are excellent, together with an impeccable service, Quintonil offers an experience for which it is worthwhile to continue celebrating as if December was just staring!

The atmosphere of the place is ideal to go with your family, with your couple, to celebrate birthdays, an/ or anniversary dinner or simply escape for a good spoiling time. It is necessary to make reservation during weekends and prepare to revel in a wonderful space!


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