Hacienda Uayamon: A Place To Dream

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

There are places where you feel like you are in a dream, where the beauty that surrounds you is almost as pleasurable as the feelings in you caused by the most relaxing and peaceful sensations. This might sound too poetic, but it is nothing compared to the experience of visiting Hacienda Uayamon. The ancient hacienda was built in 1700; each space reflects the magic and mysticism that is in this building over 300 years old. Once again yellow makes presence in the majestic walls that give structure to the site, and the big, leafy trees beautify the landscape as if it were a painting. As all destinations in the Peninsula de Yucatan, Uayamon has the most friendly and helpful service, to which love to receive enthusiastic guests. The villas and suites have been completely renovated to accommodate the needs of today, maintaining the architectural personality of the hacienda. The roofless swimming pool is one of the most famous in the country, thanks to the old central columns that make it unique. To delight your palate the restaurant offers a variety of dishes that fuse international cuisine with the original food of Campeche. Once you come here, you will want to come back forever.

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