Homework CDMX

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

At Homework Mexico City they know there is a desire to share community spaces as more and more are working from their homes. At Homework, work is defined as love so they have designed comfortable, flexible and equipped spaces with the best technology, which facilitates a casual and dynamic coexistence between a community of creators. They design the spaces having in mind the importance of having high flexibility and technology under a functional and aesthetic stimulating space for your team while also remaining attractive to customers as well. The architectural and design project was carried out under one of the most internationally recognized brands in México, Savvy Studio.

Homework offers different spaces to be able to adapt to the needs of mini companies. These are the options you have to be established:

Private Offices: Each office has been designed with ergonomics and a practical point of view. This space is fully equipped and has unlimited access to all areas.

Private Desktops: Ideal for teams from one to three people. Here you will have your desktop set to customize your way along with unlimited access to our common areas.

Coworking: Membership designed to always be active. You can use any of the common spaces and work places that best suits you.

Conference Room: Fully equipped. Here you can gather your team and your customers to facilitate the progress of your business.

If you are looking for a space to develop your individual project or as a mini company don’t skip this wonderful space.

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